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the inspiration behind the bark

It took the talent, dedication, and undying love for chocolate from three people to bring Berkshire Bark into the world: Kevin Schmitz, David Renner, and Jerome Bertuglia.


It’s only natural that Berkshire Bark is made by chefs—generous, quality-obsessed guys who love to feed people. Kevin and David met 16 years ago when they were chef and sous chef, respectively, at the White Hart Inn in Salisbury, Connecticut. David graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and worked in France, England, and New York City, including stages at Les Crayeres, Royal Gray, Quilted Giraffe and Le Cirque. Before Kevin came to the White Hart, he cooked at notable dining establishments such as Chillingsworth, Reise Organization, Bermuda Triangle, Parker’s Lighthouse, and also served as Executive Sous Chef for Shearson Lehman Hutton.  


Both chefs had dreams of starting their own businesses and they teamed up to realize a common dream of serving the high-caliber fine dining food they were used to cooking, but in a format that people could eat at home. Deciding to leave the frenetic pace of New York City behind, they moved to the peace of Great Barrington, MA and started a catering company and prepared-foods market called The Marketplace of the Berkshires. 

Every catering company needs a pastry department, and they decided there was only one fair way to decide who would become the pastry chef: they did a coin toss. The rolling pin went to Kevin, and he has savored the role ever since. He started experimenting with chocolate of all kinds, and Berkshire Bark has been one of the delicious outcomes. Thirteen years later, is he tired of chocolate yet? Kevin promises, “I’m not even close to my limit.”


Kevin’s homemade chocolate bark was for sale at The Marketplace, but after just one taste, their friend Jerome Bertuglia, a builder, musician, and adventurer, became inspired to lead the charge in bringing Berkshire Bark to the rest of the world. Berkshire Bark is the result of dedication to all things natural, high-quality, and delicious. Berkshire Bark grew out of Kevin, David, and Jerome’s devotion to craft and creativity, and their love of first-rate, straightforward ingredients.

luck of the draw
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