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all natural ingredients

Whole roasted nuts, fresh citrus zest, natural spices and dried fruits.

No preservatives, no shortcuts, just natural, honest ingredients.

the chocolate

Berkshire Bark is a unique chocolate bar handcrafted in the pristine Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts, U.S.A.,

of top quality
Belgian milk, dark,
and white chocolate.

our bark is better with every bite!

at home in the Berkshires

                    Berkshire Bark comes from a very unique part of the country–                    a region in western Massachusetts rich in culture and natural                       beauty known as The Berkshires. 

                     This special region nestled between two mountain ranges is                           a big part of the inspiration for this brand new chocolate.                           Berkshire Bark, just like the Berkshires, is sophisticated but                         fun, and socially responsible, with a down-to-earth New                             England sensibility. 


About 135,000 people live in the Berkshires, and 2 million more visit every  year. Visitors and residents love the Berkshires for their top-notch cultural  offerings like the world-renowned Tanglewood Music Center, summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra; the Chapin Library; the Norman Rockwell Museum, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MassMoCA), Williamstown Theatre Festival, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Shakespeare and Company, and America’s first and longest-running dance festival, Jacob’s Pillow.


Outdoor activities abound in the Berkshires too, with a wealth of year-round outdoor sports, hiking trails, and beautiful scenery including Mount Greylock, the state’s highest peak and Bash Bish Falls, the state’s tallest waterfall. 


Savvy food lovers savor the Berkshires for the quality of the cuisine and a straightforward approach to eating that respects the environment and each ingredient. It’s no accident that so many other fantastic food companies–like Ben & Jerry’s, Stonyfield Farms, and Stonewall Kitchens–were born in New England. 


Kevin Schmitz, David Renner, and Jerome Bertuglia, the creators of Berkshire Bark, hope that everyone will taste a little bit of the purity and fun of the Berkshires in every bite of their Bark.  

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